A Rule To Remember

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I think… when it comes mandatory for the husband to accompany his wife to the delivery room, and realise the real pain, when she gives birth to a child, there won’t be anymore divorce or cheating in family life.

Husband never forget that pain she gone through and wife never forget that support & strength he gave during the birth of their child.

A single strong reason to never get apart.

Happy family / Happy Life / Happy world

42 thoughts on “A Rule To Remember

  1. I think itโ€™s the intense feeling of seeing the baby โ€ฆknowing all is well and their is a new beginningโ€ฆbut sometimes life gets twisted like the man -Chris Watts in Colorado that killed his wife and two children to โ€œstart a new life ..โ€ I will never understand this phenomenon.

      1. weirdly enough I still believe it will get better…My brother always talks about the pendulum and how it can swing to the right but still it has to come to the middle or to swing to the left….change is eminent.

  2. Very insightful point. Thank you. However, When Christ is made the key mentor, every crisis or conflict will not overlook the Godly principles that brings solutions. Every Crisis becomes a comic relief against outrageous divorce. Couples, will key into it (Gods principles of Marriage) to tap off it… whilst serving each other in love and understanding. The incidences of delivery/ Childbirth does bring couples closer to each other realizing the importance of team work, service, and commitment amidst every pain and gain. Praying that Gods grace in our lives will never cease.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, it is very thought provoking.
    It will definitely give men a different perspective, ultimately it rest on the individual and other dynamics.

  4. Soulful words..wished it would become a rule for a husband to accompany his wife during the most painful moment in her life.It is said that not only the women who gives birth but also..she herself rebirths during delivery time.keen observer๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘

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