A drop of thought

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You all know it hurts. But still doing purposely or by mistake.

When can our care goes down.. ?

Is it when we fails to understand each other on proper timings??

When can our feelings & affections fades into air.. ?

Is it when we can’t accept the truth & failure??

A neat way of realisation about some points are really needed. Giving some time & space, very essential to sort out things in our esprit world.

A Sorry doesn’t mean you are wrong.

Your Silence never mean you failed.

The Attitude of Forgiveness never mean you are weak.

If you are wrong accept it. Say it.. ‘yes i am’

Who you are racing with?

With your own family ones.. ?

Why you want to win over your loved ones?

Its all because of ‘Selfishness’ & ‘Anger’ inside you.

You are so selfish for caring yourself.

You are so angry at people who gave you bitter experiences.

You love others for your own benefits.

Is it a life? Can’t be..

Yeah.. May be.. your own selfish angry life.

The same happens to you in return. Pride vs pride, anger vs anger, selfishness vs selfishness.

Many things can solve within you, within your family, within your loved ones. Rest are optional types.

Any things conquered by power, cheating & wickedness never last so long. Only Love last forever. Only Love stays with you.. forever. Love.. is Life.

Never try to make yourself satisfied by seeing others failures. By that.. you won’t be satisfy in your entire life.

In this world, like disease.. anger & selfishness are now widely spreading beyond the limits.. day by day.

You can only win the world only through ‘Love’.

Take real true decisions upon specific points – some religious cast, pride and types of politics creates venom of reasons inside you.. to hurt your loved ones & life. And as a result worst things happen.

Who is going to suffer?

You.. & your loved ones. That has to be eliminated totally. Venom had already done many harms and still continues its voyage.


Try being a Human for rest of your life. A real Human. Be affable in your own ways.

Stop quarrels.. stop hurtings.. & exit the egos.

Little change in you create a happy world around you. And make your life more meaningful & peaceful.

Open your eyes and start loving everyone. Forget hurtings forever. There is nothing to loose. And when we talk about those optional types, who troubles your life come and go. No need of any worries. They won’t stay long because they are very punctual in their duties & responsibilities to trouble many others too.. one by one. So its better to ignore them.

Bother less and keep going with a smile.

– Adwin


22 thoughts on “A drop of thought

  1. Here I say, people who are deeply hurt, torn, broken, or damaged… will never ever be the same person again, how can you fix a broken glass? The damage is already there and it takes time to heal and even if you repair that glass it will never be the same glass again. ๐Ÿ™ Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Yeah… I agree that changes happen in them. At the same time.. I believe that all problems have solutions. Many fail to find it out or don’t wanna to. In most of the cases.. It seems to be broken in far view, but not actually. That can be fix. Real ones not.
      The same time taken to heal & repair real damage can be avoided by replacing a new one, if that glass will never be same again. Always try to observe things in a closer view and act wisely. That’s it. And you are welcome โ˜บ๏ธ

  2. I wish there was love instead of pain, but the world sucks, just got to keep smiling through it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thanks for the likes on my site, please do fellow to get all my latest posts. Have a nice day!

  3. So much truth! God is love and we are to be like Godโ€“full of LOVE. If we really love, we will not cause pain or hurt. And it will strengthen us when we are hurt.

  4. Beautiful. I love this. I agree with you ” God is Love’ . Love is God, I must add to your reflection. By coincidence or mere luck or God’s will. I am reading you this Holy Easter Weekend. Happy Easter to you! May we all reach a state of equanimity where both joy and pain are welcome as gifts of God.

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