Dear One Side..

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Dear One Side…,

You are new to me..

You can’t harm no one.

You are not a hitch to any.

You are cool & calm.

Never ending source of my Love.. & Care..

You are best.

I knew something good from my bads.

That hold me tight to stay in & turn to you.

I was unaware about that feel before..

And when i knew..

Nothing stopped me doing.. what i knew.

Even it shades old hard memories..

I still love to glue it with me…

Dear One Side.. You are best.

Anything can change..

But the core never want to..

Still Loving.. Still Caring..

I never heard of anyone.

I never searched what i lost.

I never covered what i felt.

I didn’t blame anyone who stood against me..

Nor angry on people… who failed me.

Dear One Side.. You are best.

They planned..

They cheated..

They fooled..

They failed.. Only me..

All the blames poured on me..

Only on me..

And i tasted it, without a displeasure.

Dear One Side… You are best.

I hope.. they got all things.. as they wished.

And me..the keeper of all losses. Only me..

Its okay..

I am okay..

I Am alright.

Because they done it for their better & good.

So they have to be better & good.

They have to be in better & good.

Let them receive their price,

As living their life.. in better & good forever..,

As they wished.

They have too..

If not, all things & hardworks..,

That they done.. to make me fail..,

And all plans done.. to make me down..,

Will be.. so worthless.

Dear One Side.. You are best.

I was non crucial for them.

But for my eyes.. seemed amour.

I was true-blue in all things.

So my prayers are for their better & good always..

Dear One Side.. You are best.

Who am i to judge the people i loved once & still loving ?

Even though they wounded me..,

I have only good & peace to give them back.

Kindness in my blood never stopped its flow.

Don’t worry..

No hate comes from me…

No Anger is a part of me…

I only knows.. to love.. & care..

And I do.., i do.., i do.., all with a smile..

Dear One Side.. You are best.

It is safe.

It is better.

It is good.

To love & care all.. invisibly to the last.

And to be.. Live as a OneSider..

Dear One Side.. You stays forever…

– Adwin


41 thoughts on “Dear One Side..

    1. Its not like that madam. I can explain briefly.
      I was talking about one side love & care for others. People we love may break promises or our trust in life, without any second thought. And we fall.., become weak, collapse totally.
      Inner meaning is.. don’t bother or measure how good are people towards us. We just love them without complaining. Whether they hurt us or fail us, just care them from our side. And don’t expect anything in return. Just do it till the end.
      Thank you โ˜บ๏ธ

      1. Thank You!! I truly appreciate that you cared enough to give me an explanation of your poetry. I hope to understand you better the next time. Christmas Greetings.

  1. I could connect myself with this poetry. Really a beautiful explanation of the bittersweet One Sided Love. ๐Ÿ’›

  2. โ€œI knew something good from my bads.โ€ There is something good in every bad. Just gotta be brave enough to find it. Good work. Good words!

  3. Really very very good. I first saw only the little grammatical errors but after all English is only a foreign tongue. But you are good at capturing emotions raw. You inspired me to try a long poem like this. Keep writing.

  4. This is absolutely a beautifully written piece! So very creative and true.
    I can definitely resonate with โ€œDear One Side.โ€
    We are not responsible for our actions of others.
    My reaction is to Love.
    Through broken promises, hurt and pain, I can forgive you and still Love you. By His Grace.

  5. Hi there, thx for following me up. Enjoyed reading your work. Look forward to seeing more
    Regards dessert flower

  6. ‘Kindness in my blood never stopped its flow’….wow. you receive everything no matter good or bad and you just give them ur kindness. aww …. It’s really sweet. Great work๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿค—

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