Miracles of LIFE..

Unexpected errors may happen in our life. But it’s okay. It’s never too late and bad. Those sad moments will pass. The problems we face has an expiry date. We can handle it. When misery begins to enter into our life, our inner happiness will start its effort to change everything.
This happens for preparing you to become a better person. Temptations often knock at your door. But when you realise and stop that on your door step, will bring happiness into your life.
We born with empty hands. The good things which you missed may come back to you. The real happiness will satisfy your heart. All good and perfect things cometh from above. Everyday you live in miracles. You are still alive. You are a Miracle.
Miracles are all around and it will happenโ€ฆ!

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LIFE is full of Miracles… ๐Ÿค—


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