We need justice.

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Daily new new names.. Young children got raped or gang raped. North or south same things happening again and again. No changes at all. Small infants lost their lifes.. They have not even started to live nor seen the world what their parents ready for them with love and care.

A new name on papers each day make our eyes fill with tears. How this society changed to that slum level to abuse children & women. Moral values where erased & running…to make money. When will this selfish people understand, there are many things which money can’t buy. When they turn back it may be too late.

All are educated and are a part of family. Even though they behave so cruel for minutes of their own self pleasure, without any second thought. And just walk away smashing families like nothing happened.

As usual its not her fault. Not her parents fault. Its only our fault. We all are responsible for her rape and death. Not only hers but the whole. We have to be afraid to send our child to relatives homes or even neighbours. Eyes and hands of evil falls on her any time.

Dying with pain. Many dreams ended in one abuse or rape. Our country is not safe enough for no one. Any time anything can happen for our family members. No law is secured enough to support us. We want justice for those victims. But most of the cases are pending. Years to close one case. They are living with pain in heart and body. No law can give those years back. So at least do something to lesser pains of their life. Saving those criminals from the law & punishments are the worst scenario in all cases by the money swallowing shameless lawyers. Fast methods and hard punishments to be given by law for such devils in all sense. Why government are so silent. Its time to refresh old laws to make our nation safe.

May be we are busy with our life. We only respond when something happens in our own family. #Justice

Rapist are not human. They are #evil for all. So stop #blaming any #party or #religion. We are misleading by #political ones for their benefits. Instead raise #Voice & fight for #justice by any medium. We want a #new law for a #safe #India & against such cruel #rape #devils.

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48 thoughts on “We need justice.

  1. I pray for justice. I pray against evil. These people are straight up evil devils. God will avenge, and Jesus will return and send the devils to hell. Stay close to God. Love your heart for the suffering.โค

  2. Your article is filled with passion at the injustices. You give a voice to those who remain invisible to a world who seems not to care. Thank you for sharing their story, I am very moved by the sadness ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. Thank you for sharing the truth about women in India. Many are ignorant to the injustices happening around them.It’s time to become aware and take action against such evils.I hope people change for the better.
    Keep writing such great posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I wish there was an easy way to stop this, but unfortunately, there isn’t. All we can do is take the case to the court, where it takes decades like you have mentioned. Justice is far from the reach and this must hurt the family and everybody against this dreadful sin. Worst, such cases get politicized ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. โ€œThe only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.โ€ (author unknown)
    Our world is small. Your children are our children. I will pray for you and India. Iโ€™m so glad I found your site. Keep speaking out, Friend. God bless you!

  6. So sorry to hear of the conditions there. I pray for protection of girls and women all over the world because not only is there abuse, but there is sex trafficking. God bless you for speaking out. I think Jesus is coming back soon, so I pray for abusers to get saved and to change their misguided ideas and then their behaviors.

  7. thank you for your writing my eyes where opened on what we my country South Africa experience, does not just stay here but happening all over the world. And to have you as a loud voice speaking for those who cant speak for themselves is so amazing continue the writting.

  8. Great work๐Ÿ‘…the only punishment is to kill them without showing any mercy…That punishment should done before the public. So that no person could even… think to do such evil thing..but unfortunately..we don’t have such gov. Every one are just leaving these issues just like that. Only you or only Me cannot solve this issue, we need WE..and this won’t happen.. I am sure!

  9. A post like this I cannot like but it is the truth. My country The Netherlands is not much better. There is no justice because I am abuse by the high society. I even cannot talk to police because the don’t make an apointment.

    1. Thank you for telling your views. And for the brief info about your personal experience. It will be useful for many people who are unware of the things happening in your country. I can understand from your words that something worst is happening around you and no one is taking any initials to help you. Keep on trying. Never lose hope & move on. Try to take things to higher officials direct or mail or talk to someone about it. Hope soon you get justice.

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