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Our whole life is something which we can’t imagine by our creative thoughts. Only stories, that are creative and magical. NO ONE CAN SAY OWN LIFE STORY WITHOUT SOME ADDITION & DEDUCTION. That means no one want anyone else to know some things.. which are personal. A well known human nature. May be good or bad, those things stay under dark corner of every heart & seems to be quiet & stable. Reminding those make us weak or strong, thats not an issue for others. Its matter to you.. only you.. Its time to remove your bads. Burn it. Your heart is not a place to hide waste things. Keep Love in your heart and cuddle the trust of your loved ones. Life is so special you know…. Every Life is special like yours. So you can begin to add values to others lives.

Life make us to change things around us. When changes happen.. recognise rights & wrongs as quick as possible, are really necessary for a peaceful happy Life. May be an urge to persue what all we like, make us or lead us to be more happier.. than before. Do it without hurting other Life’s. Never break trusty promises, which may fail the Life of one who truely loves us. Happiness can be recreated again by our lovable actions at anytime.. anywhere.. We are not GOD to do things on perfect timings. So its not too late to fix it, right? Give more freedom to good vibes and keep yourself fresh in Life. Allow it to circulate your inside every moment. Life is what you make not what you imagine.

Some people try to dig things which are negative for your life from old you. They try maximum to reach there to settle & grow. If you won’t allow those to grow in your life. You are winner’s. No one can really win or say as winner, if you are the only participant for race.. Isn’t it? It doesn’t mean that to expect always negatives in Life. Let it be. Let they come. If your wins are bigger, if your visions are sharp, if your actions are for good, bads change their route and goes away from your Life. Not only yours.., life’s surrounding you as well.

Pride and money can make you more worst in Life. Never do any bads for anyone, keeping those negatives in mind. Be you.. ONCE WE ALL WHERE A BABY/CHILD, WHO DON’T LIKE TO SEE SADNESS OF ANYONE. ONLY HAPPINESS.. ONLY HAPPINESSWhy can’t we continue.. the same mind forever…?, in rest of our Life ?. Stop thinking… Just do it. May it spread around the whole world.

Like little infants.. which are loved by all in this world, because of the cuteness & smile.., Only one smile is enough to erase all tensions in our Life. Then why..? why can’t you share happiness and wish goods for others. Life is for Living & Loving. Stop trying imagining Life, instead Live Life. Each of You can make our world a better place. And make Life ๐ŸŒ a real Life ๐Ÿ’ž

– Adwin


46 thoughts on “About – LIFE!

  1. “No one can really win if you are the only participant for race”
    This reminds me of swimming, or golf, or someone passionate about a sport where they compete against __themselves__. You can win when you are the only one in the race. You can win by improving yourself.

  2. A lone splash of color, like a lone soul
    We all have our goals and roles
    One voice can make a difference
    And you have achieved the call to deliverance…
    Each of us must be the lavender bloom
    We must speak and write and forsake the gloom.
    I admire your sentiment, your writing, and your ideals–Deborah A. Bowman

  3. I just would like to say that it is such a beautiful thing to see you โ€œlikeโ€ on so many amazing poet pages! That is just so darn kind of you! Unfortunately, time does not allow me to have that privilege. Though I read as many poems and writing as I can when I am able! I just wanted to commend you on how much you contribute to the community of WP! So cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Such an inspiring piece. Almost perfect xplanation for life and how money creates pride withinourselves and to share our happiness and smile, like a child. Peace remains in this work. Very well written๐Ÿค—โœŒ

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