When I am alone

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Its not a lesson actually. Its life. Life may lead us towards different stages… which we never can predict or imagine. The moment when I realize… I am alone. i have no idea what my life want me to do. No dreams.. no wishes.. Fully blank. Am I alone? Really? Seriously? Damn life isn’t it?

No one want to be alone. May be reasons are too strong for me to be alone. Or is it the right time for me to be alone for a known reason?

It’s the pain of heart which made me to compromise with my body physically. Its like a hard metal on my chest. A silent pain.. that no one can see by eyes.. Everyday it popup to stay me awake. Sleeps are not complete. Feelings… connected with memories are not like changing clothes. Its can be old. But still new & fresh in thoughts. But Why I bare this thing.., even though, I knew how I can clearly sort it out?

Mind never understand the feelings of heart. Its too deep for those who never been alone in life to understand. We can call our mind a creative one. When we are lonely, creative part work like a machine. No limits and no barriers to control thoughts. Sometimes its really embarrassing. some people find more silence. some enjoy it. Some tries to hide it. some suffer the pain. i don’t know to what category i belong too.. i think all mixed in a right proportion for a pain reaction. I can be so close to my pain. i can feel it. Its too hot. Can harm.. any bridge without gender . This time it hits me very badly on my sweetest point. And my heart started melting. The route was so clear.. to reach the core without late. Some acts or acting can harm more.. than expressing what you are going through. But all are controlled by our expert mind. Can i trust my mind?

No… i can’t trust him. It keeps on changing according to situations. It’s always best to trust heart. The strongest & weakest, which always stand for right. An another me…, whom mind not able to control. I have to travel through my loneliness. i have to be alone by giving a vacation to my heart. Let mind play well on my loneliness. No more regrets only feelings.. only feelings… A tear is enough to cover the power of eye. I can adjust everything by my smile.. when am alone. can i?

Feelings of being alone…!


4 thoughts on “When I am alone

  1. Inspiring post.
    Allow me to differ on one point.
    We are never alone because God is with us always.
    We may feel lonely in solitude, in ‘ekta’ ( seclusion) but we are not alone.

  2. Being alone and loneliness are two different things, the former is a negative feeling, since we don’t what to do with ourselves when we are alone, the latter, being alone, is more positive, and I think healthy, since we can enjoy the moment or know what to do.

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