A day without Mobile

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A day without mobile. Can you..? ?
Today’s world not allow you to pass a day without mobile/net etc. There are many people in this same world living a happy quite life without these all. So just try it out atleast one day. And make it a habit. And see how free you are.., how happy your home is…, how happy your heart is..

Be happy with your loved ones.

If you not ready for a try to cure your addiction, then who ‘ll?

Just imagine if there won’t be any notifications to trouble you, no tweets to argue, No messages to tension you, no calls to make you anger etc etc etc. Enjoy your day to its fullest. What you are waiting for is so near you.. you can..

You all can…

Your body need a change. Your mind needs rest. Your life wants you back with all your childhood attachment towards home, family & friends, your infant goodness laugh & smile, your charming hobbies etc.

Once.. I wished a day/month without mobile/net. Oh noh! How can I? Now? Not now? may be later? Like this lot of questions formed in mind. No answers… Answers seems so lagging. Mind not ready for such a wish. Hmmm…hmmm… what to do? ? If a wish is born… nothing can stop it. Any how I have to try my wish.

Your greed can’t be named as a wish. When you wish your heart knows it quickly. A wish has to be filled with goodness elements. Greed never lead anyone to goodness.

”A strong desire towards something make you to reach it.” I hope your desires create positive vibes to the world.

There may be many reasons to avoid what you wished. But your one strong created reason in your mind is enough for you to make it fast. Here am just briefing about only one addiction. There are many as you all know. Find it and sail against it with a strong desire. You can do it.

Ooohhh noh….wait!! wait a minute… Yes.. I got it. That’s it. Its fear.. yessss… yes it is… Its the damn fear not allowing you to do any good tries. You people fear… that [- you may miss many things – this ‘ll happen – that ‘ll happen- without it what life? – i can’t be alone etc] all this happen by giving break to your addiction. Fear creates these questions in your mind. They won’t allow you to think further. Fear can do more ….to ruin your life.

Addiction may lead you towards strange levels. You go along with the tide unknowingly. You are not aware of the path you travel. But things you see in each level make you.. to be in it rest of your life. It makes you weak & people around you sick. Then you become selfish & angry type person. Never get addicted to any things in your life.

May your addictions never ever harm anyone in this world.

I tried…

I tried…..

I tried more….

A day without mobile….! I got these all after a day trial. And now I added it as habit.

  • I wokeup early.
  • I got up from bed without any late.
  • I saw sun rise.
  • I refreshed my mind with good vibes.
  • I felt fresh.
  • I knew my hunger.
  • I had food on time.
  • I saved time for my needs.
  • I smiled & laughed with my family more..
  • I saw my passions.. & dreams…
  • I started to do my hobbies again.
  • I recognized myself.
  • I watered many seeds of positivity inside me…
  • I learned freedom in every breath.
  • I got my courage back.
  • I enjoyed the charming beauty of nature like never before.
  • I knew seeing the faces of needy people who really needs a help.
  • I got my mind back on my control, was fully controlled by mobiles & social medias.
  • I saw happiness.



You try….

You ‘ll get it …



89 thoughts on “A day without Mobile

      1. I have read all your posts with delight, your images are awesome, too, your topics wide ranged…you give me inspiration….keep it up…thank you, scribeforlove.

  1. So true.. I feel like it’s so hard to be without my phone. I can understand feeling refreshed when you completely unplug.. I just don’t know if I could do it! Great post!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try this!
    This post reminds me of this quote : Let’s wander where the Wi-fi is weak.
    Also, this post was great! This should become a #WanderWhereTheWiFiIsWeakChallenge ! I think it’d be fun! I will be trying this soon though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I don’t turn my phone on in the morning for a few hours. I run. Ground myself. Meditate. Enjoy nature. Pray. It’s amazing! Then, the day starts, but I begin positive and it makes all the difference. Great post!

  4. Already not addicted to mobile phones..
    I have had months where I didn’t have internet either.
    Now when I look back and remember that, I think if
    I survived those days then I will be fine with
    challenges like these! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. If you wish to turn off your mobile and internet , then how may I ask , do you propose to carry on writting your posts , telling people to turn off their mobile’s and internet ! Its just a thought ?

  6. They should sometimes be left behind, and should definitely be turned off when you’re with people you like or love!!

  7. Perhaps the fact I am reading this at 7 a.m. suggests that I have the data addiction quite badly! Yet I also know that I seem bombarded by information all day long.

    As a teenager there was only books, newspapers, the odd magazine or bit of TV to inform. Today we are hosepiped with words – some true and some false.

    So let’s indeed take a holiday and let God speak in the silence.

  8. Thank you for the like. I bought a smart phone because at 83, I’ve just published my first book and thought I had to have it for communication. my kids also tell me I must have it and that I must text because they’re too busy for emails or phone calls.

    I’m too busy with the book to learn to use the phone. I find it is just one more distraction. i hate to hear it beeping at me all day, so have turned off the sound so I won’t be a slave to it. I refuse to let it rule me. This is one addiction I can do without.

    I guess you have to be old and have lived without it not to need it. I grew up without TV and rarely watch it. Also, the book is off to a good startโ€”not entirely on its own, I do use WordPress and Facebookโ€” “Mysterious Builder of Seattle Landmarks.”

  9. I had gone through all the posts from you , all of them were really inspired and also..the mere facts ….. THIS post is really really really. … Awesome , good , inspiring….. ..no more words , I like this very much !!!

  10. Wow thatโ€™s really impressive. I love it that you started noticing the small bits in life that of course people stuck in their phones will miss. I personally believe all parents should park their phones by their shoes when they return to their homes after work. No child should be denied the full attention of their parent and their parent wonโ€™t need to worry that their child is picking up their bad habit of constantly checking their mobile phones. If adults can get addicted to phones, of course children can and easily too.

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