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One day… noh… that day…! noh.. my day….! that suits more. we often say that ”Everything happens for a reason”. So for some reason, On my day, i met a stranger who is now so close.. During those days passion for traveling made me an actor like feel , for adding some leading roles in my life. And i didn’t expect any stranger effect that day. My day was so cool outside. In that bus i felt happy, seeing more smiley faces than sad ones. The cool wind hit my face like it was already softwared. Each hit refreshed me and i felt it like a cool game. While in that game, i saw the driver was little disturbed by the same wind. Then my heart whispered for the first time “in this world all feels in different ways”. May be am listening to my heart first time on my day.

Within minutes rain started and the driver again in trouble.. To me.. rain just ended my cool game. i fell a sleep and i still rememb that dream – ‘i was floating in air and moving as controlled by my mind… like a cloud nine feel..’ suddenly my shoulder got shaken.. by some force and that ended my dream. Seeing a stranger with wet hair i opened my full eyes in half sleep. Automatically legs give side and stranger conquered my window seat. i saw the smile of that stranger like someone gifted. Then my heart whispers for the second time ” easy.. “u are now on a cool company ” i looked at the stranger again. The stranger blinks and added “sorry for breaking Ur sleep ” “its okay ” i replied. we shaken hands and still strangers…. Both seated relaxed. No more adjustments needed.

Bus was moving fast… normal talks gone well. No one tried to impress much. Jokes too play some major roles.. Time goes on… An interest or like someone happens in seconds or minutes or hours… Liking never can be predicted.. We were busy with long conversation… driver still seemed disturbed. Some people may say, ‘they have good chemistry’ etc and all. But here no chemistry or any physics. Its just same taste people talking each other. It happens often with me. I never used ‘why me?’ words. Those words are little negative type, i can’t afford that.. seriously! So the thing is all others slept, and we undergone a long conversation…

We learn something always by strange talks or surprise talks. Some point may stuck in mind, no doubt in that. The old style of asking Mobile number to get connected is really boring you know..? We became Fb friends just by a fraction of seconds. And being sitting beside.. both were enjoying surfing. Both got extra one like for pics. No more stranger… feel. I know giving importance to each other can built a trusty feel, not fully but a little bit. All Answers were so fast.. my processor is so damn fast. I thank ma heart for that. After hours… Rain stops the child play and started a gap of silence. Driver relaxed…. well. We got down from bus.., had coffee and a small walk by enjoying that place. Then time up and same seat.. same driver. But ๐Ÿ˜Š Mom’s call make things little different. i told MoM about the climate and stranger on my day. After call i saw a smile from my left side.. by the stranger. That was really awesome. I still remember that one. That smile had a question and my smile had the answer. Am so tired and down my eyes for uncounted seconds. And i saw the same when i lift my eyes. No change for stranger. Blinking eyes like a cat and and self smile. i don’t want those eyes to turn on me that time. But how eyes know or sense while someone watching us ?? Is there any vibration waves actually exist around us? Who knows …!! Stranger asked me ‘what?’ i lifted my shoulders and said ‘nothing’ Our destination is not so long. Less time.. But we are OK’ with it. For both that day was great. While am writing this, i got a ”i miss u” text from same Stranger. It often happens.. like that. At last we reached. I thanked God in mind for safe journey. Some passengers lost their sleep. Some others got back their smile. Climate was nice because of cool wind. And after a deep breadth i offered a deal – No more ‘bye’, Bye’ always hurts. ‘See you’ is enough & best. Offer was accepted so quick by my stranger. Then ”see you” became the last word of our day. And that was a small start of new two smiles ๐Ÿ˜Š !

You people are little confused right? about my stranger? Am not tagging my stranger here or not revealing that he/she. It doesn’t matter he or she. Nothing in that ๐Ÿ˜Š ! Let it be as ‘A stranger’ & let it be between us. Wish no one else rob that space i have given to my Stranger’.

I love to observe strange things.. ๐Ÿ˜Š Strangers too…. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‰ World says ‘First impression is the best impression’. But me..- your friend Ad’ didn’t find any sense in that. Impressing some one is a good thing & by that our heart may feel happy. But remaining as good, rest of the life is best thing according to me. And one more thing i used to say to my friends often, about hate & love. ‘Love at first sight’ is that a working thing in our life..? yep.. it is.. & it ‘ll… continue its flow, nonstop. i have to believe.. that, because am one of the victim ๐Ÿ˜ he he…. Like that ‘hate at first sight’ happens often. I don’t wanna to be anyone’s hate at first sight’. Being in goodness is really an amazing feeling. Help the needy without expecting anything & being a reason for others smile ๐Ÿ˜Š , that’s life! Experiences itself are proofs & truths.. And make us believe they are real !!

with lotz of love ๐Ÿ’ž ,


From the pages of Life….




12 thoughts on “The STRANGER

  1. I believe those are divine encounters set up by God who loves and knows us and knows what we need or someone else needs at that moment. I love those encounters! Very cool. So glad you made a friend on that trip. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked it!

  2. How true, you can connect to someone in seconds, minutes or hours. I have felt this instant connection so often. Loved this one.

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